Birds of Eden the largest free flight bird aviary in the world, Plettenberg Bay Garden Route Adventures South Africa
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Birds Of Eden - A Must See

This is some birds at Birds of Eden, the world's largest free-flight aviary, situated near Plettenberg Bay on the Garden Route in South Africa.

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Dylan Winter And The Starling Murmurations

At dusk on a winter evening in southern England a flock of 200,000 European starlings congregate to soar in breathtaking formations before roosting for the night. These incredible displays of aerial precision and biological engineering are captured in this memorable sequence from FLIGHT: THE GENIUS OF BIRDS.

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The Golden-handed Tamarins At Birds Of Eden

A short documentary about the Golden Handed Tamarin of Birds of Eden in South Africa.

Location: Birds of Eden - Plettenberg Bay - South Africa

Wildlife film course at Beyond Borders Film School

25th January 2014 - 24th February 2014

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Birds-of-paradise Project

This year (2014), the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and National Geographic are bringing the Birds-of-Paradise Project to the public. Get an advance look now...and witness diverse strategies of evolution at work and experience one of nature's extraordinary wonders - up close.

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Bird Arrested On Suspicion Of Spying

You may have heard of carrier pigeons being used to transport secret, official messages. Well how about a swan being used as a French spy?

In 2013, a story broke out about a swan that was detained, behind bars, in an Egyptian jail in Qena, after it was spotted with an electronic device attached to it. A local spotted the bird, captured it and handed it over to authorities because the device was thought to be some type of spying equipment.

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