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Bird Charity Fights Monkey World For Bequest

A bird lover's legacy to a Hampshire owl sanctuary is at the centre of a vexed High Court dispute after the object of her generosity ceased to exist.

Many of the 240 homeless birds were re-homed at the North Wales Bird Trust (NWBT), in Bodafon Farm Park, Llandudno.

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Animals Losing Sanctuaries Due To Diminution In Funds

LOS ANGELES — The infirm grizzly bears Huck, Jake, Pete and Mike arrived after a drive-thru animal park sealed in 1985.

Drifter a tiger came as a pup after being seized in a 1997 Chicago drug raid.

Booie, a smoking chimp, was brought here in 1995 during age 28 when he was no longer indispensable for contrast vaccines during a New York University School of Medicine.

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The Escalating Wildlife Trade

Most of the natural products used by people are derived from animals and plants in the wild. This includes such things as timber, fisheries, medicinal products, wild meat, live animals, ornamental plants, food, etc. Wildlife trade is by no means always a problem and most wildlife trade is legal. However, the global market for these products is immense and provides ample incentive for unsustainable use of wildlife. As a result, overexploitation of targeted species is a critical threat to biodiversity conservation. Unsustainable wildlife trade is the second-biggest threat to species survival, after habitat destruction.

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Illegal Wildlife Trade

14 March 2012 / Press Release

Increasing, the Illegal Wildlife Trade in Bird Markets in Java and Bali Islands

The illegal wildlife trade occurring in a number of bird (animal/pet) markets in Java and Bali Islands has been likely to increase since early 2012. ProFauna Indonesia’s survey conducted in eight bird markets in the islands between January and February 2012 shows an increase in the number and species of animals being traded. In January 2012, there were more than 41 protected animals sold in the markets While in February, the figure increased to 62 individuals. Likewise, the species also increases.

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Names Can Be Confusing

So many people refer to Birds of Eden as Birds of Paradise, Birds Paradise, Garden of Eden, Birds of the World and even as World of Birds.  So I wondered if it would help to explain why and how Birds of Eden derived its name.

At first we were going to call our bird sanctuary Kunjani Gorge, but we changed our mind when the municipality we fall under was re-named The Eden Municipality.  There was even talk of The Eden Gate way opening at the N2 Monkeyland turn-off (2km from us).

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