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Mrs. Peter's Pens - A Tongue Twister Tale

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Mrs. Chory's Chickens

A Tongue Twister Tale by S. E. Schlosser

"Chick, chick, chick," called Carol Chory as she chucked corn onto the ground. Chickens popped out of the hen house and scurried into the yard. Charlie Chicken strutted to Carol Chory's side.

"Something new, Charlie," cried Carol, "Here is some caramel corn." She gave Charlie a handful. Charlie Chicken scratched at the caramel corn, then took a chunk and swallowed quickly. Carol Chory chuckled and went inside.

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Heron And The Hummingbird

This is a Native American Myth (from the Hitchiti Tribe)

retold by S. E. Schlosser

Heron and Hummingbird were very good friends, even though one was tall and gangly and awkward and one was small and sleek and fast. They both loved to eat fish. The Hummingbird preferred small fish like minnows and Heron liked the large ones.

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The chicken is one of the most common domestic animal. These are kept by human as a source of food, with their eggs and meat. Adult male chickens are known as roosters and female over a year are known as hens and younger chickens are known as pullets. Both of them have wattles and combs which help to cool the bird by redirecting blood flow to the skin. Comb is a fleshy crest on their heads and wattles is a hanging flap of skin either side under their beaks. Chickens are gregarious birds and live together as a group of birds. They may live upto 5 to 11 years depending on their breed.

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Flamingo is a sociable bird enjoys being in crowd, they live in colonioes for protecting themselves from predators. Flamingos are pinkish in colour due to intake of carotene as their food. Those who live in captivity are of yellowish colour due to lack of carotene food. They are found in eastern and western hemisphere. Falmingos have six species, four species are found in America and two in Africa, Asia & Europe.

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