Volunteer Positions At Our Sanctuaries

Volunteer at one of the sanctuaries of the South African Animal Sanctuary Alliance (SAASA) - Monkeyland Primate Sanctuary, Birds of Eden and the Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary. We will also have information on our volunteer program for Monkeyland KZN by mid 2018.

Volunteers will be considered if they can understand and speak a basic English, are hard-working, fast-learning, enthusiastic and prepared to cheerfully fulfil tasks such as welcoming tourists at our entrance gate, informing visitors about our animals as they assist them to the reception, explain the basic rules regarding our sanctuaries (no touching, etc), assisting with caring for the primates, birds, and other wildlife.

Salary/funding: None (by law)

Payment/Deposit: We take an R800 deposit on Credit Card which gets returned once you return the uniform. There is no other cost that comes to our sanctuaries. If you do not qualify for our free accommodation you will pay for Homestay which ranges between R500 and R600 a day. This cost you will discuss directly with the Homestay companies.

Minimum stay requirement: No less than 4 weeks, No less than 2 months to qualify for free accommodation (limited space available – only for Monkeyland and Birds of Eden volunteers)

Contact Information: email Vijver Jonck on info@saasa.org.za for an application form and to see if we have availability in our program for the term you are planning on joining us for.

If you feel that Volunteering with us is not 100% the right move for you but you still wish to assist us in some way please feel free to donate money, services and/or goods to assist SAASA. You could do so by contacting us info@saasa.org.za