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Wildlife Photography - How To Do It Right

In our haste to snap and get that perfect photo for our social media pages, we forget the stress and duress we subject to animals. So how do we go about getting those perfect wildlife photos without harming the wildlife?

Five Birds That Deserve A Father's Day Card

These feathered members of the animal kingdom are doing parenting right.

The Knysna Loerie

Tauraco corythaix

Checklist By Country

Washington Birder website offers birding checklist by county. The Washington Ornithological Society doesn’t list where to find specific birds, so birders made one.

Hilton Teenager Publishes His Own Novel

From suffering from depression to being suicidal and dropping out of school and now at thetender age of 15, he is a self-published author. Josh Crickmay (20), from Hilton, has published his first book telling about his experiences. His book, titled Josh’s Big Year, was launched in Durban last Tuesday and in Hilton last Thursday.

Poisonous Birds In Papua New Guinea And A Very Baffling Story Of Evolution

The photograph above is of one of several varieties of poisonous birds found in Papa New Guinea. Photographed by Jack Dumbacher.   Cyanide is probably the most famous poison around. Nazi gas chambers, suicide pills, Jonestown Koolaid — they all used cyanide. It takes around 500 mg of the chemical to kill an adult who weighs 70 kilograms. But on the spectrum of toxicity, cyanide is middling at best. It's nothing compared to another compound, known as batrachotoxin.

Birding Without Borders

Noah Strycker spent every single day of 2015 birding around the world. On Sept. 16, he set a record for the most bird species -- 4,342 -- seen and identified by any person in a calendar year. On Dec, 31, he finished his Big Year with 6,042 species seen.

How Social Media Helps Birds

Social media can be a great way to get involved with birding, and used thoughtfully, different social networking sites can be helpful tools for birders to help birds.


Common name: Budgerigar   Latin name: Melopsittacus undulatus  

Pokemon Go: Real-world Analogue

Players of the augmented-reality game join birders in Central Park to search for their respective elusive critters. By Michael Schulman I wish I had eight pairs of hands, and another body to shoot the specimens,” John James Audubon wrote in 1829. A similar yearning has gripped the population lately, thanks to the world-conquering success of the smartphone game Pokémon Go. In the “augmented reality” app, which has topped fifteen million downloads since its rele...

Birds And Drones

Not everything that flies is a bird, and as more people experiment with drones for recreational and personal use, these unusual vehicles will have more of an impact on birds. Will that impact be negative or positive?

Smugglers Threaten Endangered Birds In Russia's Far East

Kamchatka peninsula in Russia's Far East is home to the largest population of Merlin Falcons in the world. But there's concern a growing business in bird smuggling is threatening their very existence. Click here to view a news insert about these falcons.

Jocotoco Antpitta - The Bird That Barks!

Grallaria ridgelyi

Names Can Be So Confusing!

So many people refer to Birds of Eden as Birds of Paradise, Birds Paradise, Garden of Eden, Birds of the World and even as World of Birds.  So I wondered if it would help to explain why and how Birds of Eden derived its name. At first we were going to call our bird sanctuary Kunjani Gorge, but we changed our mind when the municipality we fall under was re-named The Eden Municipality.  There was even talk of The Eden Gate way opening at the N2 Monkeyland turn-off (2km from us).

Northern Shoveler

Anas clypeata

Seagulls Stealing Ice Cream

Seagulls, aka the rats of the air, are notorious for stealing what does not belong to them, and also being ruthless about it. Above is an seagull being nasty, stealing an ice cream cone from an unsuspecting victim.

Hyacinth Macaws

Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus

Nicobar Pigeon

Caloenas nicobarica

Speckled Mousebird

Colius striatus