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News From Skal - Garden Route

Have a look at our video which has been submitted For Skal Club of the year – Internationally.   Look either at – sign in and watch on you tube.  There is superb shot of bat eatings fruit when we filmed at Birds of Eden last year.   Cheers for now Regards’ Pam

Skal Garden Route Member In Miami To Receive International Award

Skål Garden Route is delighted to announce that the South African Animal Sanctuary Alliance (SAASA), owners of Monkeyland in The Crags, 2 more sanctuaries in Plet (The Crags) & 1 in Balito, KZN is the winner of the 2019 Sustainable Tourism Award in the category Major Tourist Attractions. Lara Mostert was in Miami to collect the award on behalf of SAASA.ational invited entries for the 2019 Sustainable Tourism Awards. A total of 56 entries from 25 countries from all over the world have t...

Plettenberg Bay Businesses Win Big For 2019

Plettenberg Bay Tourism is excited to announce that the tourism and wine industries have recognised several Plett products with awards and accolades.

Tiny 4.2 Million-year-old Monkey Discovery Casts New Light On Evolution

Nanopithecus browni weighed just one kilogram and was the size of a pineapple. The discovery of a tiny monkey which weighed no more than a pineapple may change scientists’ understanding of how primates evolved. Researchers working in Kenya have found a 4.2 million-year-old fossil of a miniature monkey which only weighed one kilogram. The newly discovered species, Nanopithecus browni, is the same size as the world’s smallest Old World monkey, the ...

What Nut-eating Gorillas In Gabon Mean For Human Evolution

Researchers spent 6,000 hours documenting their diet. In Loango National Forest of Gabon, a group of western lowland gorillas sit down to dine. The gorilla diet is not exactly eclectic. It is mostly leaves, but this group does indulge in a fair bit of fruit. 

Meet Squawkzilla, The Massive Prehistoric Parrot Scientists Say Terrorized Other Birds

The remains of a parrot that stood more than half the height of an average human and roamed the earth 19 million years ago have been discovered in New Zealand. (Brian Choo/AFP/Getty Images)

Climate Change To Blame For Displacement Of 55 Species In Uk

A total of 55 animal species in the UK have been displaced from their natural ranges or enabled to arrive for the first time on UK shores because of climate change over the last 10 years (2008-2018) -- as revealed in a new study.

Is Avian Malaria Behind Drastic Decline Of Londons Iconic Sparrow?

London's house sparrows (Passer domesticus) have plummeted by 71% since 1995, with new research suggesting avian malaria could be to blame.

Birds Got Their Colourful Eggs From Dinosaur Ancestors, New Study Suggests

Like feathers and wishbones, we now know that egg colour evolved in their dinosaur predecessors long before birds appeared.

The Lowdown In Plett High Five

The boss of adventure destinations, Plettenberg Bay, is bringing out the big guns for a season of adventure in nature: brace yourself for the Plett HIGH FIVE, the best excuse to head to Plett from 23 – 29 September 2019.

The Fattest Parrot In The World Could Be Completely Wiped Out By Fungal Infection

The future of the world’s fattest parrot – New Zealand’s Kakapo – is at risk from a dangerous fungal infection.

Mosquitoes Eating Microplastics Raise Fears Of Pollution Harming Birds And Bats

Insect-eating birds could be accumulating microplastics in their bodies.

Bird Spotted Feeding Chick Cigarette Butt In Devastating Picture

A parent bird has been spotted feeding its chick a cigarette butt, highlighting environmental concerns and prompting a wave of anger at careless smokers.

These Animal Species Went Extinct In 2018

We lost these animal species forever in 2018. The Spix macaw, which you might recognize as the blue parrot from ‘Rio,’ is now extinct in the wild, due to habitat loss from unsustainable deforestation. Approximately 50 of the last Spix macaws now live in captivity.

Our African Grey Project At Our Sister Sanctuary Birds Of Eden

The aim: Finding a decent solution for the washouts of the African Grey Parrot pet industry in South Africa, a new home for ex-pet African Grey Parrots.

African Grey Parrot: Species In Decline

The African Grey Parrot – a highly intelligent bird that is popular as a pet – has been eliminated from much of its west African range and the largest populations are now only found in central Africa.

Our African Grey Project

The aim: Finding a decent solution for the washouts of the African Grey Parrot pet industry in South Africa, a new home for ex-pet African Grey Parrots.

Monkeyland Kzn To Open 13th Of April 2019

Yes it is finally happening.  The South African Animal Sanctuary Alliance is adding a Fourth sanctuary to the mix.  The newest addition will be a primate sanctuary and for the first time ever the SAASA sanctuary will not be located on the Garden Route of South Africa.  The new primate sanctuary dubbed MonkeylandKZN will be in the equally beautiful Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Wildlife Photography - How To Do It Right

In our haste to snap and get that perfect photo for our social media pages, we forget the stress and duress we subject to animals. So how do we go about getting those perfect wildlife photos without harming the wildlife?

Five Birds That Deserve A Father's Day Card

These feathered members of the animal kingdom are doing parenting right.