Wow – What An Accolade!

11th October 2014

The South African Animal Sanctuary Alliance (SAASA) currently comprises of three sanctuaries located on the Garden Route, Plettenberg Bay area, South Africa: Monkeyland Primate Sanctuary, Birds of Eden and the Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary.

SAASA takes the welfare of the primates, birds, apex cats and other wildlife our care very seriously and without exception.  In recognition, SAASA has been awarded the highly acclaimed Lilizela service excellence award for ‘best Visitor Experience at a wildlife encounter’

At SAASA we are setting the standard for the future of all animal sanctuaries and tourist attractions. We are outspoken about the fact that there is ZERO conservation value in the pet-play-and-pay industry. Responsible tourism means, amongst other things, that we do not allow any human interaction with any of the animals or birds at the sanctuaries, they all live wild and free in natural environments where the only interactions that take place are with their own kind.

The SAASA sanctuaries are powerful examples of how previously abused wild animals can be kept in captive protective habitats but are able to live normal, healthy and ‘re-wilded’ lives. SAASA does not permit any activities that would place the animals under stress.

One of the most important missions of SAASA sanctuaries, beyond caring for the animals, is educating the public with the ultimate goal to change the way that humans perceive and treat wild animals.

We aim to expose our neighbours, colleagues, media, peers and children about nature, and about as many wild animals as possible, so that they will take it upon themselves to preserve our world’s forests and wildlife for future generations.

We believethe  SAASA sanctuaries are making a huge impact in changing the way people think about wild animals and the way they should be treated. Hence we are “the voice of the voiceless captive wild animals”.

SAASA is aware of the dangers that face the tourism industry in terms of animal activities where the safety of tourists, and the welfare of primates, birds, apex cats, elephants and other wildlife is compromised by allowing interaction with the animals for financial gain.

If you care for wildlife, don’t support companies who allow you to pet, play and pose with the wild animals in their care. Travel with your morals - if you don’t condone harassing wild animals in your own town/country why would you partake in wild animal interactions in the countries you visit?

Change can happen with you.

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